We assist the Insurer to make thorough and timely coverage determinations. Thus, non-covered claims are identified sooner, costly coverage disputes are avoided and legal fees for coverage opinions are reduced.

The quality of our analysis allows the Insurer to assess their exposure and make decisions at an early stage. Thus, unfounded claims are properly defended, and sustainable claims are settled as quickly as possible for reasonable amounts.

We are adept at preventing potential claims from becoming actual claims. We advise Insureds on how to avoid being drawn into a dispute, and we identify opportunities for loss mitigation.


Where appropriate, we work to delay or avoid the need to hire defence counsel. We often resolve claims, including litigious claims, without the need to hire a lawyer.

Our investigations and reports provide a solid basis for defence counsel to understand the issues and defend the claim. That reduces duplication of effort and learning time by counsel. As litigation progresses, we can assist counsel with document reviews or other tasks, cost-effectively and with a high level of expertise.

We are expert negotiators. We outwork our opponents, and present strong, compelling positions, to minimize settlement payments.

Insureds feel confident in our services and advocacy. As a member of the claims team, we add professionalism, expertise and value to the Insurer’s claims service.  Insureds are less likely to “shop around” for the lowest premium when they’ve become accustomed to premium claims service.